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Fix for crash on launch. Fix for being unable to restore in OS X New icon by Marcelo Marfil.

here now exports to mbox format - Mac OS X Hints

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Older OS X Download Now. IMAP is better if you want to access your mailbox from multiple devices.

How to Find Where Mac OS X Mail Stores Your Emails

POP3 is better if you want to use a little space as possible in your hosting account. That's it! If you have managed to type everything in without error, then you should see the Account Summary as below. Make sure the Take account online checkbox is ticked, and click Create.

Before upgrading to El Capitan Mail

While the above settings will bet you connected, please read the following, as it will help you to get the most from Mail. If you are using POP3 to collect email, then it is important to ensure that you don't collect your email too often, or you may get blocked from the server for a while. Open Mail's Preferences as in Step 2 , above. We recommend you leave your Check for new messages interval set at Every 5 minutes to avoid this. See below. Mail can display your Drafts, Sent, Trash and Junk folders in a more pleasing and integrated manner if you can tell it which IMAP folders on the server carry out these functions.

A Resource to help Mac Users

You do this by highlighting each of the folders under your Krystal email account, one at a time, and then selecting Use This Mailbox For For example, to assign the Sent folder in your Krystal mailbox as a folder containing sent items, firstly click on the Sent folder once as below. Once you have done this, your Krystal mailbox sent items will appear under Mail's unified Sent folder as below. This is useful because if you have multiple mail accounts, then this practice allows you to view all of your Sent or Draft, Trash and Junk items from all of your mail accounts in one place.

Repeat the process for the Junk, Trash and Draft folders.

Mac OS forum

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