How to uninstall java on mac os x lion


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  2. How to uninstall Java under OS X Yosemite? - Ask Different
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  4. Uninstall or Disable Java on a Mac

This is easy enough. Open up a Terminal window and paste in the following two lines. Open up a Terminal window and type in or paste the following command to switch to the correct folder:. In my case, there was.

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And then use the TAB key to make the shell complete the file name. It should look something like the following screenshot, but the number might be different in your case:.

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And then a little dialog box will pop up with the OK button highlighted, indicating that everything is going to be OK now. The Best Tech Newsletter Anywhere. Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, comics, trivia, reviews, and more. Windows Mac iPhone Android.

How to uninstall Java under OS X Yosemite? - Ask Different

Safari and Firefox may respond slightly differently. Only if your plug-in is up to date, enabled and working properly, will you see this:. Depending on the history of your Mac, you may still have Java 1.

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Java 6 is a full-fledged development system that allows developers to write and you run full Java applications such as CrashPlan or jEdit. However, Oracle seems ready to stop issuing those updates for non-corporate users. This is what confuses many users.

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They know they upgraded the applet plug-in for the browser, but the terminal command "java -version" doesn't refer to the plug-in. It shows you the version of Apple's full Java 6 package for development and native apps. They may have different version numbers. Up through OS X The latest version is 1. If you've kept your system up to date with Apple Software updates, and you open a terminal window and type "java -version" without the quotes , you should see this:. It's an optional install nowadays. That will stop any Java application cold in is tracks from running.

Uninstalling the Java Plug-In from Mac OS X 10.7 and Up

On such a Mac, if you enter "java -version" you'll get a prompt inviting you to install Java 6, like this:. Or perhaps you installed Java 6 in order to run an older version of GoToMeeting. Or an Adobe installer may have done it.

Removing the Java Runtime

After a Java 6 installation, there is a large collection of Java files is deeply embedded into OS X, and, unlike the simple plug-in for the browser, it's not easy to uninstall all those files. And no formal uninstaller exists. And from then on, say "no" if ever asked to install Java. If you see the invitation to install Java 6, shown in Fig.

Uninstall or Disable Java on a Mac

Recommended response: Various websites and forum commenters have suggested a few tricky ways, from the command line, to partially uninstall Java 6 by deleting certain directories or files. There are several serious problems with deleting specific Java 6 files:. After a period of inattention, Apple is being much more aggressive in keeping Java 6 up to date and secure.

Uninstalling Java from MAC

At some point in the future, you'll buy a new Mac with OS X For now, if you're concerned about native Java apps that access websites, just don't run them. Note that on a Mac without Java 6, you could still install Oracle's browser plug-in as described above. If you, because of security alerts, somewhere along the line, installed Oracle's Java 7 Development Kit JDK , then entering the command "java -version" will reflect that Oracle's Java 7 has been installed for development.