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If the Mac mini is running OS X For the pre-Late Mac mini models, the EMC number is visible upon removing the bottom "spin off" panel to the right of the memory slots when the ports are facing you. It is on the bottom of the "Late " and "Late " models toward the ports. As always, EveryMac.

Server C2D 2. Server i7 2. Regular "Mid" Aluminum "Unibody" Mac mini models, which have optical drives, support a single 2. The oddball Mac mini "Core 2 Duo" 2. All "Mid" and "Late " models hold two 2.

How to add a fast new SSD to your old Mac or MacBook for only $ - 9to5Mac

The non-server "Mid" and "Late " models, which only ship with one hard drive by default, a second hard drive or SSD is supported, but one has to purchase the cable needed to attach the drive to the board before installation is possible. A user from the MacRumors forums first determined that the needed part is referred to as the "Bottom Hard Drive Flex Cable" Apple Part Number and successfully installed a second drive.

More recently, site sponsor Other World Computing began offering a " Data Doubler " upgrade kit for the Aluminum Mac mini models that includes everything needed to perform this upgrade -- the cable, drive bracket, precisely sized screwdrivers and screws -- in one convenient package. However, it is possible to buy this cable later.

Best SSD for Mac Mini 2011?

The current "Late " models have onboard storage and it cannot be upgraded at all after the initial system purchase. To upgrade the memory in the Aluminum "Unibody" Mac mini models released before and after the Late models, Apple has made it straightforward. Many SSD drives are how costing well below 20 cents per Gigabyte, even for the top-performance models. These value SSD's featured below deliver great bang for the buck at slightly slower clock speeds. Its file system's block size matches well with solid-state technology and doesn't present many of the problems aging Windows XP users experienced having to tweak drive and system configurations to optimize performance.

Prepare a solid-state drive for Apple computers by partitioning and reformatting the drive first.

Largest SSD Option in Mac Mini (Mid 2011)

Out of the box, SSD's are formatted for Windows. For these, you may not need a bleeding-edge drive. All 2. Your computer will simply transfer data as fast as it's SATA hard drive controller allows. Step-by-Step take-apart instructions and the right tools can help: IcyDock Drive Converter 2. Just open the lid, plop in a 2. You often need specific tools and nerves of steel to take them apart. Some upgrades are best left to professional bench techs. Some older Apple laptop models have to literally be GUTTED to get to the hard drive and swap a flash drive into, and may involve up to a tiny screws or more.

It's too easy to KILL your computer with a slip of the screwdriver: Leave those to qualified Mac service folk who know what they're doing. But didn't know if that was A. I figured if either was the issue then both those drive types could be smaller and more power efficient by now.

About the Author

So sounds like I'll just have to try it. It probably had to do with the SSD drives. We has seen dramatic lowering of costs on these and thus many more people using them. As to addition power requirements on larger SSD drives I've heard nothing on that.

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